Apply for Vietnam Visa Approval Number Step 1

A Approval Number is required for issuing a Visa at the Vietnamese Missions Abroad. This Approval Number is the official confirming for Vietnam entry permit of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security. The cost for this Approval Number will be charged by the Vietnamese Missions Abroad in the cases of direct Visa applications to the Vietnamese Missions Abroad (eg. Vietnamese embassy in Germany: issuing Visa 30 days single entry, 45 EUR + Approval, 30 EUR = 75 EUR). This Approval Number of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security can applied here for 15 EUR and to the Vietnamese Missions Abroad it needs to pay after only the fees of 45 EUR for Visa issuing - Savings 15 EUR.

Please check to what extent the terms of Visa Exemption in Vietnam for you valid.

Completion assistant to the application form:

  • select the Visa Type according to the planned entries and maximum length of stay
  • select the additional information required for Visa and for the desired issuing
  • select whether additional services are desired or not (for example, transfer from airport to hotel)
  • complement the information about the additional services
  • complement the passport details of the applicant
  • please pay attention to our information and complement the application particulars carefully
  • faults at the application lead to errors on issuing of Visa and problems at entry
  • confirm with to carry on the Booking/Application


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0. Check Availability Approval Number for Vietnam Visa
Please check based on the nationality whether you can online apply an Approval Number for Visa Vietnam at the Immigration Department of the Vietnamese Interior Ministry.
Other regulations are valid if your nationality is not mentioned here. Please use the PDF-Application in this case which you can complete on Computer and send to us by E-Mail. We will check your application immediately and connect to you as soon as possible.
1. Booking - Details on the desired Visa Vietnam
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Number of Persons *
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