Asia News - Releases form South East Asia

There are daily news from Asia and releases from Southeast Asia which is still known by the name Indochina. The region which in the broadest sense includes the countries of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (French Indochina) looks back on an eventful past and undergoes rapid development. Population and economic growth are increasing. Tourism becomes  of the the main income sources at the region and the nature is destroyed step by step. We inform about the latest news and explain their backgrounds.

1.   Vietnam News - Releases from Vietnam
2.   Cambodia News - Releases from Cambodia
3.   Lao News - Releases from Laos
4.   Myanmar News - Releases from Myanmar

1.  Vietnam News - Releases from Vietnam

News and Releases from Vietnam. Here we inform about the latest news on politics, economy, culture and tourism from Vietnam. We are reporting about the news from Vietnam which are of public interest as well about things which remain hidden from the public. Crime and corruption behind the scenes of a postcard facade. In Vietnam there are more than fine cuisine and wonderful beaches. Vietnam in hidden also has its dark shady sides.

2.  Cambodia News - Releases from Cambodia
3.  Lao News - Releases from Laos
4.  Myanmar News - Releases from Myanmar