Entry Vietnam Visa – Payment Methods

You have many options to pay your entry Vietnam Visa at ITI-HOLIDAY same like at any other service of ITI-HOLIDAY various payment options are available. The most popular variant of paying for services at the Internet is still by invoice. This payment method you still can choose for an entry Vietnam Visa booking at ITI-HOLIDAY. Another payment option is PayPal, the currently most popular and safest payment services at the Internet. Furthermore one can pay bills of ITI-HOLIDAY by using credit card as well as by direct debit from any account. How paying bills occurs in details refer to the following.

1.   Entry Vietnam Visa – Payments by Invoice
2.   Entry Vietnam Visa – Payments by PayPal
3.   Entry Vietnam Visa – Payments by SOFORT Transfer
4.   Entry Vietnam Visa – Payments by Credit Cards and Debit Cards
5.   Visa Stamp Fees – Payments by Cash
6.   Vietnam - Visa - Online

1.  Entry Vietnam Visa – Payments by Invoice

  • Invoices in combination with transfers at online orders are still one of the most popular payment methods.
  • After completing the order process one will receive the invoice by E-Mail.
  • At the invoice all costs are listed and the information for the Transfer is noted.
  • Payments by invoice are not recommended for urgent orders which need to be realized in the short term.
2.  Entry Vietnam Visa – Payments by PayPal
  • PayPal is presumably the safest and most popular as well widely used online payment service.
  • Unlike online transfers or direct debits and credit card payments sellers never receive confidential account or credit card details at PayPal payment. This is one of the unbeatable advantages of paying with PayPal because PayPal makes the actual payment. Sellers get at PayPal payment the buyers E-Mail address only.
  • At PayPal one may be able to use credit cards as well as payments from bank accounts. In this case account data and/or credit card information on PayPal are permanently stored so those does not needs to send again at any online order at the Internet. This makes payments by PayPal particularly safe.
  • Payments by PayPal done with two simple clicks since it is accessed only on saved account or credit card information
  • Bank details or credit card numbers are stored securely at PayPal and protected by the SSL protocol and 128 bit keys. PayPal doesn’t share personal data to any third party. Every PayPal payment from accounts will be confirmed via E-Mail.
  • PayPal account can be deleted at any time and bank account as well credit card data can be changed.
  • At PayPal login as guest is possible without a permanent account.
  • A PayPal account is free of fees.
  • For transfers with PayPal buyers will not be charged.
  • As payments by PayPal reach sellers very quickly the booked services can be provide you faster.
  • If any trouble one will get money back with the PayPal Buyer Protection.
  • Worldwide rely on PayPal almost 210 million customers in 190 countries.
  • PayPal cared alone in Germany more than 15 million customers. So already every second online buyer is using PayPal.
  • The high standards of data security have been officially confirmed in 2010! PayPal has been tested according to strict criteria of the Technical Inspectorate. The result: PayPal is a "tested on-line payment system".
More detailed information about PayPal one can find at: http://www.paypal.com
3.  Entry Vietnam Visa – Payments by SOFORT Transfer

  • With SOFORT Transfer online shopping payments has never been easier!
  • You can use your own online banking login details – convenient and secure.
  • And thanks to the transaction confirmation your order can be processed immediately.
  • Direct and binding payment: faster than advance payment via bank transfer.
  • No second account (Wallet) and no registration.
  • High security by means of a multi-level authentication process and one-time validity of the confirmation code (TAN).
  • Look forward to speedy delivery!

More detailed information about SOFORT one can find at: https://www.sofort.com

4.  Entry Vietnam Visa – Payments by Credit Cards and Debit Cards
  • Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card is today the most popular payment method for many customers.
  • Especially in the field of e-commerce, this variant of the online payment increasing popularity pleased.
  • Credit card payment is at the Internet worldwide a convenient mode of payment.
  • The following credit cards are currently accepted for payments at ITI-HOLIDAY: VISA, MasterCard, Amex (American Express) and Visa Electron.
5.  Visa Stamp Fees – Payments by Cash
  • Fees to the Vietnamese Immigration Authority for issuing Visa are payable in any freely convertible currency.
  • We recommend paying the Visa Stamp Fees at the airport in each case with currency USD.
  • Even if other currencies are accepted this however must be converted into USD by the Vietnamese Immigration Authorithies. 
  • This results in each case to delays at the issuing of Visas.
  • A payment of the fees by credit card is not yet possible.
6.  Vietnam - Visa - Online
  • The fastest, safest and most inexpensive way for entry into Vietnam for Tourists and Business men!
  • Full-fledged Visa without restrictions for everyone. Applicable worldwide within a few minutes no matter where and when.
  • Issuing is possible at the following working day after booking and 100-percent entry guarantee*.
  • Save up to over 35,- EURO per Visa compared with a Visa of the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany.
8 €
plus additional
dispatch not
applied for
in minutes
online, credit cards,
line dispatch within
1/2 to 3 days

Full-fledged Visa to Vietnam***, without any limitation! Validity such a Visa from the Vietnamese Embassy!
Available on international Airports in Vietnam as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City as well Da Nang and Nha Trang!
In cases of confirmed application, we guarantee your entry into Vietnam as well the transport through your airline!
* We guarantee the entry into Vietnam as well the transport through your airline in cases of confirmed application.
** The cost of as of 8 EURO includes only our processing fees. Are added the fees for issuing Visas in the amount of 25, - USD (single entry), 50, - USD (multiple entry to 29 days), and 50, - USD (multiple entry to 90 days) which shall be payable to the Vietnamese Immigration Authorities at the destination airport in Vietnam.
*** You will get after booking and paying an official Approval about the receipt of Visa upon Arrival from the Vietnamese Immigration Department which is required at check in on the airport of departure. The Vietnam Visa will be issued upon arrival in Vietnam at the airport.